Pink Champagne Reed Diffuser

Pink Champagne Reed Diffuser

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Behold our O&C Reed Diffuser with a gloss white base, a glorious gold lid and your choice of reed colour. Our diffuser is a luxurious way to continuously fill your house with fragrance without the worry of a naked flame. Our diffuser will also come with a white tube gift box if you select Yes.

Pink Champagne has effervescent notes of sparkling pink champagne with delicious citrus fruits of sweet grapefruit, Brazilian orange and pink pomelo enlivened with hints of tart rhubarb and fresh, juicy watermelon.

Our reed diffusers are made with a innovate non-VOC base and the highest quality of fragrance oil. We use high performance reeds which diffuse the fragrance along the entire length of the reed.

Lasts up to 8 weeks.